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Dealer Trader Used Car Dealer Web Application

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This application automates the entire vehicle location process, removing the need for member dealers to spend hours weekly traveling from auction to auction in search of vehicles. Once a dealer has signed up and been verified they may begin uploading vehicle information, along with 4 images for each vehicle. Uploaded images are resized on the fly to fit the application’s specifications, and all vehicle data is validated before insertion into a Postgresql database back end. Dealers may also set up want lists for vehicles they need, using specific model data and the distance they are willing to travel to purchase a vehicle.

Searching for vehicles is handled via 6 different search functions throughout the site along with the quick search function at the left of each page. All searches, as well as the new vehicle input forms are handled via XMLHttpRequest driven selection menus that prevent searching or inputting any vehicle that doesn’t exist, all without any page reloads to the user.

All search results are re-sortable on the fly via a resort bar that appears on every results page, allowing the user to tailor the returned results to their specific needs. Users may add as many vehicles as needed to their private watch list from search page or an individual vehicle view. This allows dealers to browse other member’s inventory, adding them to their watch list, for a more detailed review later.

The individual vehicle view of the application allows dealers to view vehicles in either dealer view or customer friendly view all without having to return to the search, or watch list listings. The application tracks the last results a user viewed and where they may have clicked in the list to start viewing. Simple next and previous links allow the member to browse from vehicle to vehicle in the correct order they searched. The customer friendly view allows a member dealer to sit with a retail customer, browsing vehicles with all the pertinent dealer information removed from the listing.

Also included in this application is a vehicle want list that allows dealers to enter information about vehicles they need for their clients. Members are automatically notified on the main page of the site when a vehicle has been entered into the system that matches a vehicle on their want list and falls within their individual search parameters. Dealers may update and change their individual search parameters at any time via the preferences section, changing much of the information that effects the way vehicles are presented to them.

Application Specs
  • Validated XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Java™ JSP / Servlet Driven
  • Postgresql Database
  • XMLHttpRequest Driven Menu Systems
  • Concept to Roll Out Development Time: 4 months

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Main Page

dealer trader web application main page

Search Results Page

dealer trader web application search results page

Dealer Vehicle View

dealer trader web application dealer vehicle view

Customer Friendly Vehicle View

dealer trader web application customer friendly individual view page

Add To Watch List

dealer trader web application add to watch list page

Supersized Customer View

dealer trader web application customer supersized view