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Any relationship, either in business or otherwise requires understanding, respect and most of all knowing your confidence will not be betrayed. In business privacy can mean the difference between a successful new product and one that is "cloned" a hundred times before it is launched.

Customer Privacy Policy

To me privacy in a business relationship is the pinnacle of commandments. Whether its a new website launch or a new product I understand that the element of surprise in the marketplace can hold a decisive advantage for the customer. Everyone associated with my work also understands this and knows I will not accept anything less than total privacy.

All of my sub contractors, designers, copywriters and server administrators are bound to non disclosure agreements when they work on any of my projects. Whenever a client requires a non compete agreement these contractors are bound by contract just as I am. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed!

I am more than happy to sign any non-disclosure agree prior to discussing your project or ideas and if required will be more than happy to sign a non-compete agreement if your project is accepted.

That being said there are things I will not do and will not be bound by contract to do. Anything illegal, including illegal download applications, anything related to the pornography business and most of all anything that may in some way hurt another person or especially a child. I do however draw a very distinct line between porn and mature audience information services or products. Plain and simple if the site contains x-rated images or video, illegal activitities or software I am not interested. Do not ask me nor try to sign me to any privacy agreement that may reflect any of these categories. If I have signed a non-disclosure prior to seeing your project and then find it to be illegal in some fashion I will consider the non-disclosure agreement null and void.

Contract - Payment Policies

Having been through all the situations you can imagine I have come up with some "carved in stone" rules about working with a clients. Please don’t ask me to ignore one of these rules because it just wont happen!

  1. I will not do speculation work under and circumstances! I will (and have) however work at a discounted rate in exchange for a percentage of future profits if I feel the project has potential and the situation is contracted and approved by my attorney.
  2. A signed contract is required prior to starting any work.
  3. A 50% deposit is required prior to the start of any work. Once contracts have been approved, signed, delivered to all parties and work has begun the deposit becomes non refundable. This deposit does not include any work that totals less than $500. Any contract for less than $500 shall be paid in advance of work starting, no exceptions please!
  4. A $35 fee will be charged to any customer that has a check returned NSF and work will stop until that fee and the amount of the check is received in certified funds.
  5. All bills sent to clients are to be considered payable on receipt. We are sorry but we do not offer payment terms.
  6. No file shall be release to the client (a backup CD) until the full contract amount has been satisfied.
  7. Any invoice not paid within 10 days of the receipt date will be subject to a late fee of 10% of the outstanding balance with a minimum late fee of $25.
Quoting Policies

All quotes provided to customers will be valid for 30 days from the date the quote was issued. After that time a new quote will be required prior to proceeding with any work.


All work is guaranteed 100%. Should a problem arise due to coding it will be fixed at no charge within 30 days of notification by client. Guarantee does not extend to any third party software that may be used in the project. Furthermore my guarantee does not cover unknown changes or modifications to your web server or its software.