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David C. Dalton Bio

Writing a bio about myself is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I don’t want to let the attitude run wild but at the same time I feel 100% honesty is in order. I guess starting off with the basics would be best.

I was born in Jan. 1958 and spent most of my childhood years in Akron, Ohio. In 1978 I moved to New Jersey and spent almost 8 years in the music business, where I met my wife of the last 25 years. In 1985 I returned to a previous love of drafting and engineering. Driven by the "new age" of computers I began taking CAD drafting courses in 1987, including DOS macro programming and advanced wire frame 3D modeling.

In 1991, after almost 5 years of CAD, drafting and engineering experience, I had to make a career decision for the benefit of my family and completely walked away from computers (and engineering) to pursue my own business ventures. After several successful (and not so successful) ventures I began "tinkering" with computers again in 1999. I quickly became engrossed in the internet and began taking online courses in HTML, Photoshop and Javascript.

After some minor success in web site development I came to the inevitable conclusion that I needed more advanced training in programming languages and enrolled in the Chubb Institute, Parsippany NJ, in July 2000. I graduated at the top of my class in 2001 and was immediately hired as an instructor assistant by Chubb. Within 5 months of being hired I was promoted to a full instructor, teaching Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. I was also contracted to provide graduating students with a 5 day "web development essentials" course that covered about every aspect of basic webmastering services.

Soon after being hired as a full time IT instructor I became a Sun™ certified Java programmer. Due to instructor certification regulations at Chubb I also became Brainbench certified in over 15 languages. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2004 Chubb was bought by an Arizona company that did not hold to the standards that Chubb had been known for throughout its history and I decided to resign from my position. Simply put, I could not look my students in the face and tell them they were getting the most for their education money when I knew full well it wasn’t so.

In 2001 I created DCD Designs, a full service website design company and began the uphill battle to make a name for myself. In 2005 I decided that building websites under a company name was not what I wanted to do and sold the company. That’s where we find me today, no longer hiding behind a company name.

I have no desire to pump out "thrown together" websites that I know will not serve the customer and their business properly. I strive for excellence in everything I do and want clients to know the difference between "average" developers and developers that care about what they do and the results to their clients.

I don’t accept "good enough" and don’t expect my clients to accept it either. I provide the best services available at the best possible prices.

I don’t pull any punches in business, I don’t believe in wasting your time or mine by telling you what I think you want to hear instead of the truth. I tell it "like it is" for everyone’s best interests. Time is money and business is business!

Full time positions will also be considered either remotely or within reasonable travel distance.

Languages and Experience
  • Object Oriented PHP - 10 years
  • Server-Side Java™ development (JSP - Servlets) - 5 years, Sun Microsystems certified since 2002
    note: I have not worked with Java since 2006 but would be more than happy to dive back in
  • Java™ JDBC - Database Connectivity - 5 years
  • HTML / XHTML - 15 years
  • CSS - 14 years
  • Javascript - 13 years
  • jQuery 5 years
  • Responsive Web Design (using Foundation) .5 year
  • XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) - 9 years
  • MySQL databases - 14 years
  • Postgresql databases - 10 years
  • Oracle databases - formally trained with minor hands on experience
  • Apache - 10 years
Other notables
  • Voted member of the year 2005 - sitepoint.com tech forums
  • Voted Java guru 2005 - sitepoint.com tech forums
  • Voted funniest thread of the year (yes I do have a sense of humor) 2006 - sitepoint.com tech forums

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