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If your customers aren't happy with your work, and more importantly their finished project what's the point? I am proud of my work and proud to say my clients are too.

Client Testimonials

In this day and age of overblown promises and a general lack of accountability, working with Dave Dalton to create a fully functional and professional website has proven to be a breath of fresh air!

Our organization, Firearms Owners Against Crime has, for years, been frustrated with incompetence and even outright lies in our search for professionals capable of providing us with the website design we needed that contained the tools essential to our organization. We have even been victimized by instances of intentional fraud perpetrated by some of these individuals who made wild claims about how they could fit a website to our needs and then walked away leaving us with a shambles of a website and legal bills to 'try' to recover monies paid!

The ONLY PERSON to be able to combine design with function and ease-of-use in a user-friendly environment, especially the administrative side, at a fair and equitable price has been Dave Dalton! What's more is that websites can be so much more functional than most people believe in these cookie-cutter websites offered by other individuals and businesses do not begin to encompass the needs of many people who end up quickly outgrowing, as we did, those simplistic designs. Too many website designers do not have the full understanding of how to make things work and that is the pragmatic aspect that is missing in many so-called experts!

Another important aspect of website design is how to deal with and correct any problems that crop up in just like the cars we drive daily, problems will come up! Every problem, and I mean every problem, has quickly been rectified to our satisfaction by Dave Dalton and that is an uncommon aspect in many areas of our society and we deeply appreciate it.

Many find it hard to trust reviews so I will put it succinctly, if you want a website that looks good, functions well and works to your expectations at a fair price point then look no further than Dave Dalton! If anyone reading this has any questions please do not hesitate to look me up!

Kim Stolfer, President Firearms Owners Against Crime

I was working with a very old website database and tried several times to change and update and was told 'Costs would be very high and not in my budget .' In addition I felt TRAPPED because I was with a company that created, managed and handled all of my communications. So year after year my database got more out of date and any time there was a problem I was overcharged. My database was so slow that it was really affecting my work performance.

I finally started working with an individual that I thought understood my old first generation ASCI database and how to convert it to current 2013 ... after several wasted months and money I soon realized that I was wasting my time and hired the wrong person.

I contacted a collegue whom I trust completely and was introduced to Dave Dalton. I knew almost immediately that 'this guy' knew his stuff. Now I wanted to see if he could produce. One of my many concerns was that I would be quoted a price and soon it would add up to much more than I had allotted for.

Dave worked with me and quoted a very fair price. (I am sure he worked many more hours than he originally anticipated) Dave stood by his word and did not charge me a cent more even when he found a corrupt database that had to be reworked several times. I know he worked over the Labor day holiday just to get the site up and running for the agreed completion date.

Even now as I come across things that I want tweeked or changed or added, Dave does it for me.

I wanted to find someone like me, that takes pride in the work they do and stands behind it, NOT just to make a sale. BUT when it counts, after the sale. I will be forever grateful to him!!!!

Starla Smith householdstaffing.com

I used to have a website that I felt served my needs in my business until my wife pointed out to me that I was completely out of date. I have a favourite jazz guitar player named Lee Ritenour who I have become an acquaintance with and has a outstanding up to date website. I asked his staff who designed his site and they gave me David's name and number. I now can say that my site is up to date and have received many complements on it. Dave was very quick in responding and from the time of contact, my new site was up and running within several weeks time. He is truly the best in his field.

Jim Filippone, allstaraerial.com

I have a website designed to showcase the digital photography I've created over the last decade. Dave became the man of the hour when the previously developed website I had been struggling with for months ran into a wall of functional problems. The waiting for changes seemed interminable. Not so now! The gallery system Dave has developed unfolds conceptual envelopes into an unlimited number of galleries and sub-galleries - perfect for illustrating biological taxonomy studies, time/place series and detail trees for examples of a particular phenomenon.

Unlike most photo gallery websites mine has horizontally scrolling thumbnails. A set of seven to nine thumbs reveal seven to nine images opening one at a time before a new set is opened. Alternatively, all the images can be opened one at a time using the navigation above the image - without moving the cursor. Galleries can be composed of an unlimited number of images. Each gallery has a selectable introduction page.

The administration panel he incorporated allows me to change almost every photograph on any page and almost every phrase of text on the website myself. All I have to do to upload a photograph is upload the largest version viewable and the gallery script takes care of the rest. Whole groups of photos can be uploaded with a stroke or two. The thumbnails are large and sharp without unnatural constraints on dimensions. Any photo or thumbnail can be easily replaced with an updated edit if so desired.

Dave has demonstrated professionalism and expertise in giving this customer what he wanted. My previous website has been redeveloped for much, much better functionality, speed and organization. I've found the inevitable tweaking of the site to be quite timely with design changes and changes to changes being well received, patient and agreeably and helpfully worked out. I highly recommend Dave if a reliable and exquisite custom website is the order of the day.

Tim Jones earthlightimagery.com

As a marketing firm, we work with a lot of technology experts throughout the country. Finding Dave, though, was like finding the needle in the haystack. Dave is the real deal when it comes to SEO. He understands the high-level code strategies that drive search engine rankings as well as the little details that add up to big results. I highly recommend Dave for any company with aggressive organic search goals.

Justin Spring, Co-Founder of Adept Marketing.

I've used several developers who said they knew SEO but they didn't, so far only Dave has delivered real results and substantially increased traffic.

JT. Kreager, owner NextHunt.com

I've worked with Dave and his team now for 3 years on my new concept/database/website - SingerExpress.com. Dave has been responsive and understands what I explain to him in 'lay-terms' and easily converts that into technology! Dave was able to understand my concept and get it live and on-line! I've now been able to realize my vision and dream for my innovative new website the national singers database: SingerExpress.com, and a great part of that is thanks to Dave and his team. My idea was complex and Dave rose to the occasion; my singers database/website works exactly as I conceived it. Our latest enhancements to the site were just made this week - it was a smooth and easy transition from the test site to the live site. Thanks Dave, from all of us at SingerExpress.com

Andree Kaminsky founder/creator SingerExpress.com a division of Fretless Productions/Management LLC

Dave's response to my initial contact was immediate and his continuing attention to detail, follow-up and problem solving throughout the project was unending. In fact, 6 years later his response and commitment to changes or additions to the application continues in the same generous spirit. My project was a complex integration of three diverse database formats, replete with poorly entered information and unprofessionally conceived structures, into a single efficient web based application and data tracking system. The interface is user friendly both for public entry of information and our in-house search and retrieve purposes. This was not a simple project and Dave handled it with technical proficiency, focus, patience and humor throughout and beyond. If you want personal attention and responsiveness, you cannot do better.

Dennis Allen, Pat Allen Associates, Inc. patallen.com

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Dave Dalton and his staff for the redesign they did for my insurance agencies web site. Several years ago, I had a relative of mine design our old website. For him it was an assignment for school, and for me it did its initial purpose of getting my business on the internet. But as time passed, it began to show both its age and its lack of professionalism. So I went out to find other options. The places that I found were more focused on selling me what they thought I needed, and not how my business actually functioned. As far as the pricing was concerned, the rates given rivaled my annual yellow page rates. I felt that all these other places wanted to do was to upsell and not help me sell.

Then through an internet site, I met Dave and learned of his services. We had many telephone and email exchanges on the site design and purpose. In talking with Dave, I felt that he was trying to do what was best for my business and its bottom line. He took the time to listen to my needs, and designed the site to fit those needs. His opinions were both frank and honest. They were geared to make my site look professional. Dave was more interested in my bottom line than his. And the final effort shows that attention to customer detail. I am glad that I found out about Dave and his design service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business owner looking for a professional web site.

Timothy King - CEO Adoniram Insurance Agency Inc

Dave, thank you for doing a great job on my website! The price was right and the service was great also. I highly recommend you and WILL recommend you.

Matt Motta, Motta Brickwork Inc.

Allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Theresa Judd, and I am the owner of A Permanent Solution: Permanent Cosmetics by Theresa. I am a small business owner. I have been in business since September of 2000. In the fast paced world of business owners there are 2 things you must have, talent, and a professional image. I had acquired the talent after proper training but I did not have a professional image that truly represented me, and my business. Thanks to the expertise of David Dalton I now have that. He created a website for me that truly encompassed what my business was all about. I can't begin tell you what a difference it's made having a fully functional, & beautiful website. I have noticed a tremendous increase in business and client respect. Dave didn't just stop there... he also submitted my site to all the search engines, as well as kept track on how I am doing in the rankings of those search engines. All I can say is it was money well spent. THANK YOU!!

Theresa Judd, PermanentCosmeticsByTheresa.com

When an organization decides to have a website built it is important that the web designer takes time to really get a feel for what the organization is all about, how the business works, etc. Then, it's helpful if the designer can act more like a consultant to the business and use his/her knowledge and experience to make valuable recommendations for the website. It's also essential that a webmaster make site changes in a timely way. Dave does all this and more. I was also impressed with how quickly my site was listed on search engines when I queried several key words. This is a tribute to Dave's Optimizing skills. He is also willing to teach you how to update portions of your site if you chose to be able to do that.

Lisa Eichholzer-Walker, General Manager, To The Max, ToTheMax1.com