Simple, SEO friendly, easy to use and oh so functional menus

Well if these examples don't get the freaking point across I give up! All of the menus here are produced from the exact same, standard ul based html code. All styling is done from external style sheets!

So here you go:

Special kudos to for the quick style switcher code (didn't feel like writing one) and to Patrick Griffiths and for the "son of suckerfish" drop downs.

Now granted I didn't kill myself perfecting the styles, yes there are some boogers in them and for good reason. That's YOUR job. This example is to show you that a simple list and some creative styling can make just about any menu you want! So STOP with the damn overblown, unaccessible, spider killer menus!

Also note that Internet Explorer Users will not see the rollover effects on the sub menus because once again our * cough cough * dear friends at Microsoft have decided you can't use the hover pseudo class on a list item. It can be fixed with some javascript but again I'm not hear to talk about that.

note: if you came here directly from a search engine or link and didn't read the article that goes with this example PLEASE read it here